Ben Spitler | Printing & Promotions


Ben Spitler President of Galley Printing, Inc., a multi-generational, family-owned and operated printing company delivering high-quality print, packaging, promotional items, signage, magazines/directories, menus, and marketing solutions, one of Ben's competitive advantages is his fearlessness in embracing advanced technologies. Within the operation's 33,000 square foot are a variety of high-output and specialized machines, some so specific [...]

Herb Brunkholz | Hinckley,Granger,Sharon Living Magazine Publisher


Herb Brunkholz Veteran firefighter, serial entrepreneur, and heck-of-a-good-guy, Herb Brunkholz is likeable and easy to talk to. Great qualities when he's carrying you out of a burning building! For our members and readers, however, he wants to put your brand-face-message in the hands of readers who have the discretionary means to choose goods/services from local [...]

Melinda Mallari | Marketing


Melinda Mallari Melinda's marketing experience spans three decades, three coasts (if you count Texas as the Third Coast), and professional positions in ad agency account services, boutique creative services, broadcast news and video production, product and brand development. She has been the perfect candidate, thanks to skillĀ  sets developed on both sides of her [...]

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